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 Hey there, it’s Clancy here.

If you are anything like me, you will find your email inbox is full of emails with “the next best tricks or an offer of a FREE 3 day workshop to make you a million dollars” overnight on autopilot.

business offline or online

Discover how to head in the right direction for you and your business…

 When it isn’t, it will be “the 4 hour work week while you make the change by living in a third world country and paying outsourcers $2 an hour.”

Or maybe, “the latest magical marketing funnel spewing cash at you” when you look at it sideways.

Facetious of me?  Probably!

However, those statements really infuriate me…

For the most part the information behind their claims might have worked online once upon a time.  However, the same information is now being hashed and rehashed over and over again.  Only it now has a new label on it, with a few new bells and whistles attached to grab your attention.

Now, I don’t wish to burst the froth and bubble of their copy, however, it is designed to make everybody else rich, except YOU.

Now before I go on…

I thought you needed to know this is what my site is Not About.

Please let me explain:

You see… I discovered a while back many of the aforementioned froth and bubblers peddling these ideas are trying to overwhelm you into thinking, you cannot do without them.

They engage you by giving you so much overwhelming information all at a great rate of knots, so you cannot possibly digest it properly, let alone implement any of it fast enough before the next best thing they have to offer you comes along.

Does this all sound familiar?

Whether you entirely agree with me or not, there happens to be a large slice of truth in what I have just quoted from sales letters and emails to promote various products and workshops.

Sure, there is money to be made online, and a lot of it, when you set your business up the right way the first time around.

And I don’t mean spending many thousands of dollars buying a website that probably has outdated and inefficient monetisation methods, or dodgy SEO tactics to get it ranked to sell it.  Let alone the content is more than likely irrelevant to today’s search engine criteria to keep it ranked.

Then, of course there are the search engines, who keeps you busy chasing them around the Internet all day long.  Because if you don’t, they can close your business overnight for any reason, or no reason at all.


It could be enough to turn you off the Internet forever.

From my perspective, it would be a shame for YOU to let this happen.

Because, when you approach business online or offline there are a few old fashioned principles still working, and they still apply to any business model you want to name.

It is however, the new protagonists that have brushed those principles aside in favor of the gold rush fever of the modern millennium online.

Truth is…

They have forgotten where they have come from, their blinders are firmly fixed either side of their head with their eyes fixed on the next BSO (bright shiny object) and pot of gold.  And, what is even worse, they are hell bent on sharing the same flawed methods of building and running a business with YOU.

However, I am getting ahead of myself here.  Let us look at…

What my site is about…

I started my first successful part time business in 1958.

Today, I possess an extraordinary amount of practical and up-to-date experience in both online/offline business building, and a combination of both.

And now, I have put together the whole online/offline business jigsaw puzzle.  To create the big picture, just like an old fashioned roadmap, to be read and navigated by the savvy people who care to join me on this road trip.

It has a start point, method of getting to where you want to go and a financial destination that satisfies the time and effort you take when undertaking the journey.

However, before you even think about embarking on any journey, you should make sure you have the right mentor to get the right briefing about the conditions along the road.  Consult this same mentor about the prevailing weather, the vehicle you intend to use to get there, and of course your road trip budget as well.

Because, along the way, you will want sound knowledge of the skills required to navigate the roads in all prevailing weather conditions.

Needless to say…

This is where my experience as a business mentor comes in real handy.

Rather than heading out unprepared for the trip, you will get the heads up from me about any roadblocks before you get three parts the way down the wrong road to nowhere, and having spent a bucket or two of cold hard cash for very little gain.

After all…

This site is all about getting you headed in the right business direction, with the right information, and guidance along the way, with specific outcomes for YOU and your business.

So YOU don’t feel like you are someone else’s meal ticket!

There is only one way a select few can join me on this journey…

When this is of interest to you, and you want to take the road less traveledemail me at the address below and express your interest and:

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