Welcome to Webpreneurs Journey!

My name is Paul Maskell, but you can call me Clancy, as all of my friends do. Clancy Image and Signat cropped

My story really started when I was 8 years old, when out of necessity, I started my first part time business.

That business grew so quickly I had to employ eight of my mates to help me out, and within a year I was earning more money each week than my dad did as an engineer.

I eventually became an Engineer myself, and quickly found myself in corporate life. Once they discovered my innate ability to solve problems most people couldn’t even see, let alone fix.

Since then, I have managed  corporate entities, and became known as the “turnaround guy”, where I saved many a business from financial oblivion.

Fast forward a few years…

My online experience began Circa 1998. Until then, I hadn’t even known how to start a modern computer, let alone use a mouse or know how to load web page.

I had a life long passion for horses and published an offline Magazine that  I wanted to take online. So, with help of an old friend that’s just what I did.

And so my first website was born. We managed to attract 10,000 unique visitors a month, but like so many others before me. I had no idea you could make money online let alone how to make money out of my passion. Does this all Sound familiar?

At the turn of the millennium my career as an engineer came to an abrupt halt, when I was involved in industrial accident that severely crippled me for a few years. So much so, I had resigned myself to the fact, life as I knew it, was never going to return.

Out of shear frustration to regain my mobility, I turned to technology, and computer games. This led to a partial recovery in my movement and along with it, my desire to become useful again.

So, I thought, now I had mastered computer games, I could apply that in a practical sense and get back to work. So with seed capital of the princely sum of $60 to my name, I bought an excavator with joy sticks and started what was to become a  civil construction company.


Fast forward to 2009 when I met a whole bunch of Entrepreneurs  with the expertise I needed to hone my skills online and, as of right now, too many other mentors to mention.

After my initial shaky start online in the late nineties, what I now saw was  huge potential to use technology to my advantage. So I combined my extensive offline business acumen with what I learned about online, and it was no real surprise, when my online businesses began to grow.

I now have a number of online businesses and  complimentary offline  business.


How do I manage all of this?

I have discovered virtual staff. And, I decided, I was going to do what I have always done best. I delegated my tasks to others.

I immediately started building a team of dedicated contractors to do this for me.

Followed quickly by my money making strategies, systems and processes to manage it all, while I do what I want, rather than what I have to do.

The rest as they say is history…

I now enjoy a very different lifestyle while I mentor a select group of private clients.

So I figured it was now time for me to give back a little to the community and share some of my learning’s with those who care to follow my blog, and if time permits…

I will mentor other people who show a willingness to learn and have a passion to build the business of their dreams.

Over time I will be posting some handy Ideas and concepts for you all to ponder, adapt and implement in your own lives and businesses.

If you feel like you would like to know a little more of what I do and how I do it, or you are a budding entrepreneur needing a helping hand.

Drop me a line or two through the contact us page


Yours in future profits Paul Maskell

AKA Clancy of the Information Overflow

P.S. There is a better way to live and I can show you how, and here’s what others are saying