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G'day Guys,

     It's Paul Maskell here, aka Clancy of the Information Overflow, Australia's Original Outsourcing Legend.  Now.  Over the last couple of years I have been constantly asked, how we built our outrageously successful online businesses.

     All 156 of them and counting.

     The truth is.  Until now I have kept my cards pretty close to my chest when talking about what we do to achieve our outstanding results. But when I look around me and see budding online entrepreneurs and offline business owners that had the same information I had at the time.

     Still working a J O B and struggling to take their business to anywhere near the profitable level that they should be let alone having any sort of financial freedom they were promised.  I've really decided to do something about it.

     So what does all this mean for you?

     Well... if you are like me and would like someone to give it to you straight.   The raw truth about how to leverage making real money from real businesses with real profits.  Without all the jargon and BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects.).  That only keep you busy chasing rainbows. Then you need to look no further. 

     I'm about to hold my very first closed door two day workshop on the 18th & 19th of October on the beautiful Gold Coast. Where I will be revealing the keys to our outrageous success online.

   And that has now transcended into offline businesses as well.

     Now.  Let’s face it guys.  They don’t call me Australia’s Original outsourcing legend for no reason.  I've been successfully outsourced my entire business from day one almost six years ago.

     And why would I do that?

     It’s simples really.  I wanted to leverage what we could do in the shortest possible time.    And at the same time run multiple businesses with multiple income streams all at the same time as well.

     Businesses that have given us freedom from convention.

     But I have some even better news for you today.

     I am going to share the same golden nuggets we've implemented to catapult our businesses to an extraordinary level.      In short, if you are really serious about finding out about the systems and processes we use to achieve these outstanding results... then you need to register for this must attend event on the Gold Coast on the 18th & 19th of October.

     So what's the catch?

     Well, in my experience no one values anything they get for free. Myself personally; I value my time. Because I cannot replace it.

     Now, if I am going to lock myself up in a room with sixty people  for two days and give them extraordinary life changing information that will alter the way you do businesses forever.   Then I want to know you appreciate what's coming your way.

     And I also want to know you value my time to do this. And at the same time, I want to know you are going to turn up at the event and stay for the two days so you can get extraordinary information. I also want to know you're serious about your success.

     You see, if you are, your success is my success.  So to get access to this exclusive event you need to invest in a small amount of money.  $147.  And that will include morning and afternoon tea both days.

     I know there are plenty of free events out there you can attend.  But!  None that I know of that will have anywhere near the amount of content this must attend event will provide.

     And by the way, I have a very special value adding guest for the weekend.  He's one of my mentors, and he'll be speaking each day to you.

So... all will be revealed at the workshop in October in the coming weeks.  So I urge you guys; don't delay.  Invest your one hundred and forty seven dollars today and register your interest below.  Before the tickets run out!


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