The Entrepreneurial Evolution?

 Entrepreneurs are fascinating people.


“Dare to be different, never give up and live your entrepreneurial dream. Like me when I captured the dragon at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.”

They see a problem and then find a solution quickly. Entrepreneurs start businesses world-wide specifically for this reason. Entrepreneurs are bold, they are brave and they believe in their vision, their products and themselves.

Recently, I’ve been hearing Australian politicians hone in on the next potential tax pool, the entrepreneurs. They look on us with cold grey eyes and their pearly white teeth bared, ready for the big chunk of revenue headed their way.

Where have these guys been?

Seriously. Huge enterprises like Apple, Disney and McDonald’s were started because of one person who had a vision, who were determined to press on and who have taken their businesses to extraordinary heights already. But … apart from the obviousness of their modern day astronomical size and success, these business started just like any other business.

From humble beginnings.

From the blood, sweat and tears of dedicated, hardworking entrepreneurs.

My take home point is: every entrepreneurial dream has a beginning, however, once they believe in what they do and when they are committed to their vision they will then run with every fiber in their being to achieve their dream. They dare to be different.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, largely because they want to make a difference in the world.  And when an entrepreneur is successful, they want to be in a place of prosperity so they have the wherewithal to give back. To the people around them, their families and their communities.

While it is most people’s dream to be successful, entrepreneurs are willing to pay the price to do whatever it takes to get there. But, when we look around us in Australian business, you can walk down any street, in any town and you can see the business owner’s boulevard of broken dreams.

You can see the businesses that haven’t made it.

Without a doubt this cost is tragic on so many levels. Both personally and professionally.  However, the biggest tragedy of this scenario is perhaps these businesses could have enjoyed a different result.

If only they had an even bigger vision and known where to find a good mentor to work with.

Throughout life people will experience peaks and valleys in every aspect of life.  So when you experience the valleys in your life the most important thing you can do is never give up.  Look around you to see what can be done to alter your course.  Find a mentor, get some advice and then take action to correct the situation.

Many, many entrepreneurs made their most important break throughs when others have laughed at their ideas.  And it is at times like these when others did not believe in them, they innovate, they go the extra mile and they do not think outside of the square, they think as if there is no square at all. Entrepreneurs kept going regardless because failure is never an option for them.

It is not in their natures to give up, or give in.

This is when the entrepreneurial spirit kicks in. So when they do succeed, they stand on top of the peak enjoying the view, and plan for when the view is not so good and for the day they are in a valley for a short time.  
This is the mark of a true entrepreneur. They march to the beat of a different drum, their own drum. They set their own bar of success, they are able to thrive and prosper where and when others cannot. And this is the true entrepreneurial evolution.  These driven people who will not bow to the will of what convention expects of them.

From the seeds of an entrepreneurial dream to the creation of a multinational corporation. Just look down your local streets in your local towns to see the evidence of an entrepreneurial vision.

Politicians of all persuasions, be on notice.  Entrepreneurs have been making their mark in business for now for many decades, providing many people with employment and spin off opportunities, since the beginning of the modern economy.  

It is the entrepreneurs who have been building our societies for many, many years and not the politicians whom might have grabbed a hold of a buzz word “Entrepreneur”. And all of the tax implications they can think of to bring us back in line with convention.

We of the entrepreneurial spirit will never be contained, we will not be shackled, we will not stop being innovative, however, we will continue to punch above our weight when it comes to contributing to the prosperity of others and our respective countries.

We need more entrepreneurs, not less. We need less politicians and political interference in our daily lives and not more.

Two questions to ask yourself are…

When was the last time a law was passed restricting what we can do?

Answer: Every single time a new law is passed.

When was the last time a law was passed telling us what we can do?

Answer: Will be a resounding, RARELY.

Entrepreneurs will go over, around, under or through an obstacle to get where they need to go.

How many other people can say the same for themselves?

Yours in future profits


Clancy of the Information Overflow

P.S. Entrepreneurs are very valuable members of our community. I’d love to hear your views so please do not hesitate to Contact Us