Beware “Carchroden Carcharias” (The Great White Shark)

The great white shark of a different kind…

Feeding great white sharks, the great white shard, Shark Feeding

Feeding great white sharks, Shark Feeding—Capt Gorgeous ( Beware … the two legged variety are swimming among us in the Internet circles.  Can you recognize them?

This post may look like it doesn’t fit into the scheme of things, given what my last few posts were about. But I am going to write about this now while it is fresh in my mind given a recent experience I had on the Gold Coast. Because I really believe it is important that I share this experience with you.

Swim With The Sharks!

More to the point, I want to talk about the two legged variety. Yes! They actually exist, and they are alive and well swimming among us without most of us even knowing who they are.

When I was a youthful 17 yrs old (yes, a long time ago now) I actually used to swim among the real live ones: you know, the ones with razor sharp teeth, fins and all that scary stuff.

Just like the one in JAWS!

(Okay, now be a bit patient with me here, it will be worth it)

And you know what, I was less wary then, of the real sharks than the two legged ones I have come across lately. A case In Point

Those of you whom know me, know I am usually happy to share a lot with you FYI only. Right?

Listen up Guys, This one is Priceless

The experience started out innocently enough, with someone asking me to lunch after an event. As I do, I was happy to have a chat about the latest happenings in the Internet world in broad terms. Then the conversation turned to asking me for an interview as the expert, about our success online. My response was, “Not in This Lifetime”.

And so the polite chat went on over lunch, with my lunching partner questioning me extensively on this and that, I thought, carefully trying to manoeuvre me into a corner, so as to get me to reveal my secrets and latest innovations I was working on.

Well, there is sharing and there is sharing. And then there is outright setting out to pump me for my extensive knowledge on the pretext of needing a helping hand, while at the same time buying me lunch.

We concluded our luncheon, I was satisfied with myself at not being manipulated into sharing all my hard earned knowledge over many years for free: I thought nothing more of it … Fast forward a couple of months.

(Or so I thought…)

Enter the Great White Shark!

I must say at this point the people I am referring to here, have only been moving in the circles of Internet marketing for all of five minutes at best (You get my meaning here?).

So you can imagine my surprise when I attended another event to find the same person presenting at that event and being introduced as being at “Guru Status” on the Internet offering a paid program echoing most of my helpful informative chat topics I had with them over lunch as “their expert knowledge”.

But it didn’t stop there, as the presentation wore on, it was even clearer to me I had heard all of this almost verbatim before, from another presenter at another recent event with one or two minor exceptions. Go figure … I could have lived with the whole episode if this person at least had some serious runs on the board online.

The take home point here guys is…

We all invest a lot of money, time and effort educating ourselves from a variety of sources, building our business’s online, refining our systems, discovering new techniques, putting our own stamp on a whole business model and resources built over many years. We all share and try to help others out where we can.

The great white sharks chewed up my information, digested it regurgitated it and spat back at me as their “Expert Knowledge”. All the information obtained under the guise of wanting a helping hand as they were just starting out. Do I have a problem with that…?

Suffice to say…

There is a moral to this story … read on

The Real truth about Sharks being at the Top of the Food Chain!

They are fearsome, creatures. It is well known that sharks travel over vast distances indulging in ruthless feeding frenzies, without concern as to where or how they feed. They are very efficient scavengers.

 Did you also know that sharks, especially the biggest of them all, The Great White Shark is on the endangered species list. It is true!

But do you know why?

A shark acts on instinct, honed over many thousands of years, a primordial killing machine they just kill, eat and run, not knowing where the next feed is coming from.

But the shark never plans anything, so when they come up against something that does, they get out manoeuvred with a baited hook with the greatest of ease.

Hence they are on the ENDANGERED species LIST…

Be mindful of the SHARKS.

Do not become one … because eventually, they turn on their own kind.

In another ruthless feeding frenzy … with no real end game in mind!

Guys, I am sure this valuable experience I have shared with you will stand you in good stead for many years to come, on your journey to prosperity and financial freedom.

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Yours in Future Profits


Clancy of the Information Overflow

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