The Must have Business Model you need Today

Now we have swallowed the Shark article … pardon the pun.

business model

Having a solid business model allows you to enjoy yourself while you travel

I am going to give you some meat … or, more real food for thought.

By now you all should be up and away with your latest website humming along and making a bit of cash from your favorite affiliate account or some AdSense … congratulations, that’s awesome.

Now, Really Guys!

Is that a real business?

Or do you see it as just a part time job that throws you a bit of cash every month?

If what I just asked, is true for you, then I am going to shake your beliefs to their very foundations before this article is through (there is that word again).

 You need to realise that each website you own is a single business entity, and should be able to stand alone as such, unless its sole purpose is to be a part of a private network.

Let me explain…

Unless you treat each site as a real business, you are letting way too much money float away in the breeze.

You need to treat each one as a business with you as the CEO … yes, you are the CEO!

Now we have set our firm intention, we need to get down to making sales, yes you need to sell stuff just like any bricks and mortar business, but the good news is you don’t have to turn up every day and man the store. But you do have to put a few hard yards into each business to get it to fly. And not fall into the trap of being…

The Busy Bee

I know a lot of website owners say they are constantly updating their sites, monitoring their analytics ad nor siam, drooling over each click through in there affiliate account and acting out the king in the counting house counting your earnings scene, every day.

However much you may enjoy the activity: it is being busy not productive.

Do those things need doing?

Yes, they do …. but, in a measured and orderly fashion, not necessarily a daily ritual that consumes time and makes very little difference to your bottom line.

You need to be planning how to make your next sale. Not anxiously wringing your hands waiting and hoping for that next sale to come along.

Getting those all Important Sales

Here I am going to dispel a myth about websites – the real object of a website is merely to be a medium for a business, a means to an end, just one piece of the entire business puzzle – even in an online business.


I see you scratching our head, saying “My website is my Business” right?

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see a real business is defined by what goes on behind the website:

Who manages everything.

Who organises, the posts.

Who organises the advertising.

Who organises the list building.

Who organises the emails.

Who answers customer enquiries.

Who organises the affiliate product updates.

Who makes sure the stock levels are maintained.

And the list goes on infinitum…

You see what I mean? It is the organization behind the website that is actually the business: not the website itself. To illustrate my point I am going to share with you 10 alternate ways to make more money from you website business

You may want to note these down and keep them for future reference on an article I am going to post later in the year.

Paul’s FREE Tip #1

Alternate monetisation methods.


Paid Advertorials.

Your own Info Products.

Online store for multiple e-books.

E bay store/s.

On selling your traffic.

Membership site for exclusive niches.

Commercial directory.

Transactional based.

Selling your own physical product.

All of these strategies can and do work.

But what If I were to tell you that none of them is as powerful as they could be on their own.

I can see all of your eyes widening and ears enlarging right now…

Now, I know most of you will automatically think… we can just combine them!

Yes … Good Guess. You could! But there is an even better way to increase your bottom line with less effort and much more reward than you ever thought possible.

The Power of…

Securing your Business

Outsourcing Yourself

Secrets to sustainable business growth


Okay. I know, I know, the outsourcing thingy has been done to death, by those that are just piggy in the middle.

You know the ones, very well meaning people that are consistently creaming some cash from both sides of the equation even before you pay your staff to do some work, lots of ongoing fees and charges for all users.

What if I were to show you, how you can Secure your Business

Outsource yourself

Grow your business

Make way for more sales than you are now and … without the middle man

Why Would I Do That? Read On….

When I started this journey 6 years ago I made three key decisions

1. My reason “WHY” I wanted to do this

2. I was not going to do all the work myself

3.  To leverage my business so I could handle the money but not the worry

So, I documented all my experiences. What did work, what didn’t and what could be improved upon

Security: What! Who said that? It is not a four letter word…

Actually it is probably the most important part of your business, and I don’t mean making sure you lock the door on the way out each night. You can’t; this business is a 24 hour chook.  It runs whether you are there or not.

Now, that puts a different spin on it … doesn’t it?

Outsourcing yourself: I believe is a very fine art that is not for the feint hearted to tackle alone. So I can share with you what takes the stress and most of the risk out of hiring the right staff, for the right price, in the right place and for the right tasks you need them for.

 It will leverage not only yourself, but, your business and your business’s selling potential… Simples really.

Secrets to sustainable growth: to most of you this will be foreign language, when it comes to business. Basically in my language I am talking about multiplying your sales potential, using one sale to generate more…

Paul’s FREE Tip #2

Here’s how it works…

Learn to value your own time.

If you can hire someone else to do it cheaper… Sack yourself and…

Follow my system for outsourcing training and retention strategies.

Automatically lower the cost of running your business.

Freeing you up to strategize and leverage your next venture.

Utilize my system of generating a multiple income stream from each business.

Identify the real money hidden in your business … and

Implement my behind the scenes cash generating strategies.

Why would I tell you about my strategies for free?

OK. I fess up, I like helping my fellow budding entrepreneurs out.

And I know how challenging and expensive it was for me to piece this all together. Now, there are people out there offering free seminar seats and then selling the next Bright Shiny Object to people looking for the next silver bullet in their quest for passive income online.

I am not one of them … but I do have a set of skills I can teach you.

If you are interested in a set of skills for life Read More

Yours in future profits

Clancy of the Information Overflow

P.S.  Skill sets for life is important for a new life for both you and your family