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 Hall of Fame Induction





The purpose of these inductions is to single out worthy Gurus that have under promised and over delivered at every turn for me. Gurus that have educated me, inspired me and set my business bottom line on fire in more ways than one.

I want you all to know, I would never induct anyone that did not deliver on what they promised. In fact inductees will have done several extra miles more than was ever asked or expected of them.

Truth is… these Gurus were not necessarily my first ever mentors. For some, quite the reverse is true.

I have been mentored by many entrepreneurs some are listed below, all helping me in their own unique way. I do not impugn any of my mentors, in fact I salute them, for I drew from their well of knowledge what I could and added to it over time.


A Salute to My Mentors

Andrew & Darryl Grant

Matt & Liz Raad

Brett Thompson

Mal Emery

Pat Mesiti

Pete Godfrey

Julie Mason

For I would not be where I am today but for these people’s help!

Now! As promised I am going to reveal to you, my first inductee into my hall of fame.

Click here to reveal Inductee No 1

This award was not given lightly but was accepted graciously.

Congratulations. Well deserved.

Yours in future profits

Webpreneur Paul

AKA Clancy of the information overflow