Clancy’s Money Dance


In the beginning Clancy created a unique money magnet.

And he saw it was good.  Okay.  Let’s get down to business.  If you think money is a fascinating subject then you would be spot on.  Money is so alluring in fact, it has been studied by many, many people ever since its creation.  As far back in history as around 650–600 BC.

However for this to be really effective, you must see attracting abundance into your life, for you and your family, as a positive step.  This way, you can change the way you perceive money.  So more will flow your way.  In fact, you will find this more exciting and more life changing with all those extra dollars that will inevitably come your way. 

But … you must promise to use Clancy’s Money Dance for good.

You must use it to attract money with the intention of making it honestly; and with integrity.

Because this money dance is a tool designed to do just that.  

We do this every day.   Now some of you would have one of Pete Godfrey’s Money Magnets or a little money magnet thing. Well… this is our money magnet.  We do this every day every single day… this little ritual.  We just grab a wad full of one hundred dollar notes or whatever you have on hand and do a little jig.

 Do your money dance every day with purpose.

And we tell ourselves how grateful we are for the abundance in our lives and how comfortable we are about money. So here’s Clancy’s little Money Dance and there’s a reason behind it.

When you do your little dance say words most appropriate for you.  This is your world, your life and your reality.  So it’s important for you to say what is most relevant to you.  To attract what is important to you into your life.
So… here’s what we do. We do this five times in a row. Everyday. And you might laugh at it. But I trust you will find money comes to you just so much easier when you reinforce the fact you are really comfortable around money. 

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Yours in future profits

Clancy of the Information Overflow

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