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Introducing… Australia’s Original Outsourcing Legend

My name’s Paul Maskell.  So many people have asked me over the years how I became so outrageously successful online with an empire of 156 + individual web businesses. And the short answer to that is… life long experience, implementation and outsourcing myself …

Now, I won’t launch into how I began my first business at eight, employing eight of my mates here.

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Now.  Did you notice I said real name and email?  You did?  I knew you would.  Why do I ask?  Because I hate spam with a passion… just like you, and I like to know I am communicating with real people.  So I promise I won’t rent or sell your name or email like some big entrepreneurial organizations do.

OK. With that said… back to the beginning.

It all began back in late 2009 when my wife emailed Andrew and Daryl Grant and a lady named Julie Lewin emailed us back. We ended up going to one of their four day gigs in early 2010 and saw a couple named Matt and Liz Raad.  And they were talking about, “How to Buy and Sell a Business.”

At that time I still had my multimillion dollar civil construction business that I was totally over at the time (I was so over it I even turned down a million dollar contract.).  So to cut a long story short; I ended up going to their three day workshop.

Now.  While I was driving down to the workshop and stopped at traffic lights, I folded my arms briefly and declared, ‘I’m not buying another program!’

Yeah right.

Over the next three days I listened to what they had to say and ended up being the first one to sign up. Over the next twelve months their business evolved into, “How to Buy and Sell Websites.”

So I joined for another twelve months and what I did was I implement my life long business principles to their program. Bingo! My online empire was off to a cracking start.

I immediately decided to do what I have been doing all my life…

Outsource.  And I still have the same team members I hired right from the get go.

Truth is…

I went on to win the inaugural Dead Set Legends Cup and became the Original Dead Set Legend. But what happened next was the last thing I expected.  I appeared on stage (At my mentors’ request.) to share my story at another of my mentors three day workshops. Then suddenly, people wanted to buy me drinks so I could regale them with even more of my business building experiences.  I could see the glimmer of hope in their eyes while they were thinking…

Could I do this too?

Well, I’m here to tell you, ”Yes!  You can.”

Onward.  After numerous workshops and boot camps, I got tired of repeating myself ad nauseam.  Answering the constant questions of strangers.  So, I decided to establish this blog  So people could read about my journey, which is now known as Webpreneurs Journey.

Time marched on.

And Matt started to say to me people in legends were repeatedly saying how difficult outsourcing was.  And yet I never saw it that way.  So I explained I had never intended to do all the work myself right from the start.  But then he asked me…

What’s your secret?

So I explained to Matt how I had been managing staff all my life (You may recall the eight mates in my first business as a kid?).

But then he asked, “would you put a presentation together for the legends?”

So I put together a presentation how I managed staff while traveling.  And the legends just loved it.  Some implemented what I suggested which helped them with their journey.

What a blast!

I then went on to present a second time a year later.  But this time, people started asking me to put a program together.  S. O. S. was born.  The 90 minute presentation was a hit with the audience and now I have my own clients and they are achieving even more with their businesses. I can’t tell you how satisfying it feels to be able to pass my knowledge on to people that get results from it.

All 55+ years of it.

But what’s even better is I love the sheer joy of being able to help people. It gives me goose bumps to even think of how life changing this information is for people. And now…because of my non-stop river of information, I have been dubbed:

Clancy of the Information Overflow.

Imagine that.  You see, if I can go from a successful bricks and mortar business owner to an outrageously successful online business entrepreneur; then you can too.

Sorry I digress… back to the story…

On Matt’s request to join my program, I sent him my Secure Your Business, Outsource Yourself and Sustainable Business Basics program.  Yes he got the whole package delivered to him by express mail.  The very same program clients bought from my 90 minute presentation at the legends workshop.  I caught up with Matt a few weeks later.  And do you know what Matt Raad said to me?

Matt said to me, “You have the best outsourcing program.”

Outsourcing program

“You have the best outsourcing program,” Matt Raad said to Clancy of the Information Overflow


What a compliment from a mentor.

Having said all of that…

I would like to see your online business explosion, and for you to experience this amazing entrepreneurial lifestyle.  As only a true entrepreneur can.  And look, I understand you may not want to speak from stage like I have.

Fact is…

I avoided it for a number of years and, let me tell you it was the last thing I thought I would ever want to do.

But, that’s not the whole story…

As a fair dinkum entrepreneur does, I have sought out many, many great mentors to work with over the years.

I have been passionate about putting together fresh and innovative information. Without using scraped content from other programs, from a single book I have read or freely available information off of the Internet.  I have not scared the living crap out of people by spruiking doom and gloom, nor have I sold BSO programs that advocate wasting your valuable time chasing big search engines around the Internet…

Naturally, you don’t believe this could be happening do you?  I mean, big entrepreneurs wouldn’t do that would they?

Oh… P-L-E-A-S-E.

You see, I am proud of my uniqueness, and I haven’t been around for only five minutes.

And… I see originality is a mark of integrity.

But the good news is I can show you how to outsource yourself the right way and spend that precious time saved with those you hold dear.

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After all…

I know by now, you love good old fashioned value.  Right?

Well. That’s exactly what you’ll get from me… from the old dude with 55+ years of experience who lives on top of the mountain.

And make no mistake.

I want to hear your story and to share your webpreneurial journey.

Yours in future profits.

Australia’s Original Outsourcing Legend.

Clancy of the Information Overflow
P.S. Please be mindful of imitators.  Go to the opt-in box and start your journey today