One Great Strategy for Building Sustainable Passive Income Online

passive income online

Building a sustainable passive income online could be your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. BTW this was taken in Scotland one gorgeous Monday evening.

In my last post I made it pretty plain that you need to invest in your education before you poured heaps of dollars into an online venture.

Fast forward…

Well, now, let’s assume you have been hooked up with a program or two for a little while to get you started. You may have built or bought a website.

You’re beginning to get a feel for the internet and how it works, you are learning all about website platforms, search engine ranking, traffic, and some simple monetization methods. And … as well, there is all this really cool new Jargon you are learning.

How cool is this!

You’ve found  passive income opportunities online.  You should be really excited by now? You are most likely making a few dollars as well by now!

You’re on your way! Right??

Of course it’s exciting! And I would be excited for you at this point:

Except for one thing, you are probably focussed on the wrong thing. MONEY.

I know, I know, you feel like you need to recoup your investment before you spend anymore on this venture! Pay as you go investment.

I get it: don’t let those little $$$$ get away from you.

Don’t you just love people that deflate you just when you are getting a handle on things and making a few bucks.

I will not deflate you, but I will tell you how to moderate the pace of your new venture so it doesn’t career out of control down the path of destruction or more to the point your site gets slapped and gets de-indexed let alone loses page ranking.

Here he goes again … the foundation bit. Well actually, if you have educated yourself properly for a little while you have BEGUN to build your firm foundation. But more needs to be done.

I congratulate you for getting this far, but as they say ROME wasn’t built in a day.

And nor is a sustainable Internet business that is worth having in the longer term. Your efforts need to be focussed on maintaining that business vehicle we have spoken about, not on the MONEY.

Sure … your mentors/programs and some effort from you has gotten you this far. But how do you maintain it and build it out into the cash spewing machine that the experienced webpreneurs know that it can be in the 21st century?

That’s correct “a cash spewing machine”.

You could educate yourself some more? You could pay someone to do it for you?

You might even believe that you have done enough and the dollars will keep on rolling in.

All of the above could be true.

The best way to keep things on track and your income and online real estate appreciating is to build on the original foundation, layer by layer. You need to keep up to date with the changes that happen daily on the internet.

Things like SEO which is never set and forget. The whims of the search engines (that never ends) Social media, keywords, Article writers, auto responders, and a thousand and one other accessories you need to keep up to date with just to keep the machine happy.

BUT! “I was told this was passive income”.

 It can be! If one knows how to set things up the right way. Right from the very beginning and follow that process throughout the life cycle of each business.

Consider this…

If I bought or built many, many websites, (which I have done BTW) and lumped them all together and thought I had an internet business. Would I be right?

Actually … yes you would, for a while. Sure some websites rely on each other for various reasons, but if you do not treat each one in turn as an individual entity, you will eventually fall in the trap of convenient complacency.

Let’s explore that a little further shall we?

Let’s say you bought a website that had a bit of age on it had a PR1 some handy traffic, and making let’s say $100 per month from CPA. It has some great back links (yes they are still relevant) is being fed some traffic from a website or two you own that actually doesn’t make much money at all and is just a traffic driver. Awesome I like these little sites. And let’s say you neglected doing regular maintenance on those feeder sites.

They don’t make much money so we neglect them a bit. This is easy to do, but a very bad habit to get into for a couple of reasons.

What is Kosher today on the Internet is not necessarily the same tomorrow. If you neglect to build those feeder sites out into an individual business you are leaving money on the table.

Remember the 80/20 rule … pretty good rule huh! (not always) Have you ever heard of compound interest? Making money on the money you have just made is how that works (it has a multiplier like no other).

I will leave you to ponder how you can apply this one strategy to compound the income and asset base, until my next post

Yours in future profits

Clancy of the Information Overflow

P.S. Refining your business vehicle is one great strategy for building a business. Until next time, and if you have any questions why not Contact Us? Clancy…