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business offline or online

Discover how to head in the right direction for you and your business online or offline.

This is where I will talk about my latest happenings in online and offline business. Especially when it comes to the right education for yourself.

Running modern day businesses are quite often a combination of…

Online to offline and

Offline to online.

Or they should be.

Fact is…

If you do not have or use, one of the above combinations in your business you are way behind the eight ball in today’s fast paced world.

The high speed internet bullet train will just speed on by and leave you and your struggling business stranded at the proverbial station.

I Digress…

All pages in what’s hot will be dynamic in nature, they will be added to from time to time so you should visit them often.

Why dynamic pages?

Over time I will add extra content and links relevant to the subject covered on each page. This is designed to enhance your experience on my site. See it as a work in progress if you like

How to Use what’s hot…

There will be two ways to navigate these pages

You can hover over What’s Hot in the top menu, a drop down menu will appear showing each topic I cover. You can click on the one you want to view and it will take you straight to that page.

Alternatively you can come straight to the What’s Hot page and it will have all the links that go to the post you want to view.

Yours in future profits

Webpreneur Paul

Aka Clancy of the information overflow

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