Making cash websites or money making machines: Does such a beast exist?

cash websites

Building cash websites is a matter of using refined systems and solid principles.  Webpreneur Paul and James Dean.  Fact or Fiction?

Building Cash Websites

Sorry Guys, it’s been awhile since my last post. But I have been hard at work on my new refined systems for generating even more cash from my current online portfolio. It just keeps on coming…

For that matter, come to think on it, anyone would be able to apply my principles to their business.


Now! I have your attention don’t I?


Well, once I got a real handle on what makes my Internet business work and generating some cash, you don’t think I was going to sit on my hands and just wait for more traffic and more cash to just turn up; Did You?

 I sincerely hope that is not what you were really thinking, cos if it was or is now, you need a wake up call. Big time.


 Here’s a revelation you may not have even thought about!


What if I were to tell you your favorite website you own that has 2000 unique’s a month and makes around $200 every month, wasn’t really a business at all?


Cash Websites or Part Time Hobby?


Even if you had 4 -5 or even 10 of them all the same would you consider it a real cash spewing machine, cash websites that is, or just a part time hobby income?

If that’s where you want to be with your business…That’s fine.

But in my view, you wouldn’t have a real business at all.

The harsh reality is, what you earn of the face of a website is not really a business it is more like a promotion.

 And here’s why…

 You are constantly at the mercy of the search engines whether your business lives or dies.

 The search engines can snatch your business away from you overnight without rhyme or reason. Just like that!

 Sure the income is great, and not much work needed to keep it going, but it will not make you rich too soon in this lifetime anyway.

 What you really need is a way to generate even more cash behind the scenes.

 It’s the same business model, but with a supercharged effect.

 With just about any business similar to what I described above I have worked out how to “compound the interest” from a website many times over. And, what’s more once I am off and running I do not rely solely on search engine traffic anymore.  It’s really not rocket science to get website traffic.

 Even better…If the worst come to the worst my business would survive if my site ended up on page 200 of Google.

 How cool is that?

 It’s not that hard, really it is so simple to do….

 Here’s why most people don’t see how to do just that…

They focus on the money coming in from the face of the business/website.




Remember, in my last blog post I left you pondering about my statement regarding Not to focus on the Money.

Now, if you didn’t take that on board then, maybe after what I have just revealed to you, you may want to reconsider those words carefully.

 It’s another one of those quotes like “Building a Firm Foundation sometimes we all need to have heard it a few times until the penny drops. And when it does drop you hear it ringing in your ears over and over again.

 Seriously guys it took me quite a while and a lot of mistakes to learn this stuff , but learn it I did and to great effect on my bottom line forever.

The end result is like fooling the worlds latest technology called “over the horizon radar”…

 I call it “stealth marketing… there is nothing black hat about it, just plain old common sense around reducing one’s risk and enhancing one’s rewards by working smart not hard.

 I am hearing you YELLING OUT!!!! BUT HOW?

You’ve all heard the story about getting the rocket off the ground and how most of the effort is expended  at the beginning to get it off the ground….. Right?

 Well this very simple strategy is no different…


Don’t Focus on The Money… Do Focus on building your Business out… First!


Sounds really simple I know, but truly it is very simple and it will reduce your reliance on search engine traffic enormously.

All I have done is focus on my business building strategies, rather than how many dollars I was bringing in each month.

Okay, I have a substantial business. You would say that’s easy from to tell others to not focus on the money.

Here’s a heads up guys. My business was not always Rosie at the beginning, it took time and many mistakes and refined systems to get my business to where it is today.

But it is as fundamental as the two bold lines above.

Until my next post…

Yours In Future Profits


Clancy of the Information Overflow

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