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The best of the best

We all need mentors. And this is where I recognize those elite people I’ve been  mentored by.

My Inspiration Source

As Most of my loyal clan know I am a straight shooter, especially when it comes to what I do and don’t like in my online and offline businesses.

Well, I am really excited to bring you this ground breaking news.

So, I thought I would do something special for you my loyal readers. I am going to reveal something to you as a reward for hanging around so long.

But, first let me tell you how this all came about?

A colleague and I were sitting in a cafe overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the breeze in our hair coffee in my hand… I was deep in thought about some ground breaking stuff I had just learned.

Digesting this new information and how I was going to use it in my substantial online and offline business empire.

Then I paused for moment and thought…

How can I let my readers know whom I was mentored by and what inspires me to greater heights in my business online?

Without just going Blah!…When a light bulb went on

I asked myself… should I do this?

Damn it, I thought I will just DO It anyway

Because this will be a resource like no other

So, I have decided to create a very different resource, one of all the people I have been mentored by.

All of the Gurus I have worked with will be included in this resource.

And I am not going to stop there. I have decided to set up a hall of fame.

For the ones that stand out… The best of the best

But inductees into the hall of fame will be only the elite, no fluff and BS from these Guys or Girls… Nah-Ah!


The Gurus Hall Of Fame


 I really get, there are Gurus and there are Gurus:

As we all know

Some of you will have differing opinions about whom constitutes a GURU and for what reason someone places them in that category.

Like I said right from the start I am a straight shooter… so!

Anyone we induct into this elite group will be of an outstanding caliber.

And, they, will have well and truly earned their stripes with me.

Someone that really has delivered quality business building information that I have turned into cash many time over. And has delivered the goods to me over and over again.

So here are the induction rules

My Ground Rules for induction into The Hall of Fame

Rule #1. This is MY Gurus hall of fame.

Rule #2. I get to set the rules.

Rule#3. I will decide who gets inducted and for what reasons.

Rule#4. A Guru will only be inducted if they pass the value test for my readers.

Rule#5. A Guru will be inducted on the basis of giving results driven information for clients.

Rule#6. There will be no automatic inductions… No Sir! Not Here.

Rule#7. Readers can submit a nomination for me to take to my boardroom for consensus.

Rule #8. Once an inductee has accepted the nomination, they will be issued with an official Certificate of Endorsement from the Hall of Fame.

Rule #9. I reserve the right to alter the rules without notice.

Rule #10. No correspondence about inductees will be entered into.

Rule #10a. An intended inductee cannot apply.  It is by my invitation only.


Why am I doing this?

I want to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

But, I am not about bagging anyone out. And nor should you!

I have seen way too many Entrepreneurs speaking from stage and on webinars presenting BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects) for sale.

Taking peoples cash and delivering time consuming, distracting and low/no value packages.

Packages designed to keep you busy, the ones full of BSO’s, fluff and BS.

Packages that have little or no results at the end of the programs

Hell I get mad when I see this

And here’s why

Those type of packages make people dependent on the next their big thing the presenter/s have to offer time and again.

It’s like an intravenous drip you just can’t shut off

And it really is the raw truth!

But not all Gurus are like that!

There are many genuine ones that have results driven information and valuable training in mind when they put their education or business opportunity programs together.

These Gurus will be the ones I am going to scrutinize and review for you.

That’s right. You will be able to get the good oil right here.

How do I know this?

Because I have been through the proverbial mill over the last 4 + years.

I have been the seminar and webinar junkie.

I have been on webinars at 1am in the morning.

I have sat in too many rooms for days on end.

I have listened and to the hype and rar rarred to the music, been in awe of the over the top ravings, the mindset stuff, the amazing offers.

Man I can even recite some of them in my sleep.

Now, that is Scary stuff, even for me.

I have been there too many times. And let me tell you,

I wished I had someone to guide me through the maze of available programs.

Someone that could quickly analyze my needs and steer me in the right direction at the right time.

Someone that has been building and growing businesses since they were 8 years old.

You heard right…I built and grew my first business when I was eight years old.   But even better, I employed kids to help me because I simply couldn’t do everything myself.  In short order, I was making more in that part-time business in one week than my dad did working full time.   Hell, I even helped support my family.

Now how many eight year olds get to do that?

My business journey certainly didn’t stop there… today: My extraordinary journey continues apace, I am still working alongside the very best entrepreneurs.

Learning from them adding my innovative processes and growing my extensive online/offline businesses while at the same time helping others to achieve the same results as I have.

Yours in future profits

Webpreneur Paul

AKA Clancy of the information overflow

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