Quality of Life Test

How to Find Your Work/Life Balance…

Clancy of the Information Overflow outsources his life so he can travel the world

Clancy of the Information Overflow at Disneyland Hong Kong

I used to have no idea about quality of life.

I could be driving home at 7.00am in the morning after being at work for twenty four hours because of a crisis in production at one of the multinationals I was with.  This would leave me feeling fatigued, sleep deprived and uncomfortable behind the wheel of a car in this state.

My thinking would be impaired, I’d try and sleep through the day while the rest of the world went about their normal business outside my bedroom window.  Not only that, I would miss out on activities with family and friends too.  Back then I thought this was normal.

Here’s what I do now…

If I have been hard at it at home (because I work from home now) and I want to know if my well-being is in order then I’ll ask myself:

Am I…

  • Happy
  • Preoccupied
  • Satisfied
  • Connected to others
  • Jumpy
  • Invigorated
  • Productive
  • Belief in what I am doing
  • Overwhelmed by my workload
  • And believe I am making a difference
  • Successful
  • The person I always wanted to be
  • I am making enough money with one income stream to sustain my quality of life

If the answer is yes to all or 75% of these questions I know I am balanced and in a good place. Print page out.

Use it regularly, it will  show you how you are progressing after making changes in the way you live life.

If 75% of the answers are no then I’ll look at outsourcing myself more to allow me to step away from what is causing the stress in my life.  I can then spend time more with my family, travel or just even enjoy a sunrise, or a sunset, if that is what I feel like doing.

I now have a way of knowing if my quality of life is out of whack that NEVER lets me down – and I know within 5 minutes what used to take me hours or even days to figure out…