A Very Steep Stairway to Success: Hong Kong Side

stairway to success

The stairway to success can be
challenging but rewarding.


Mixing business with travel

Since my last posting, I am sure you have been busier than usual tweaking your sites after the mind blowing stuff I gave you.

That’s great! I am pleased I could be of help to you all.

Oh! And By the way, I did offer you more to read at the end of the last post … I get that: and I will deliver on what I said, but hey, you are going to have to be a bit patient for that one.

In the mean time … I am on assignment

This is one of those tough assignments that someone had to do, so it might as well be me.

Sack yourself and have more free time

You see, after I sacked myself a while back, I found I had a lot more free time on my hands to ponder the real meaning of life (making more money while traveling the world).

Not being one to waste my finite resources (time, not money) I decided to see how the other half of the world lives and does business, and what inspires them to do so.

Hence the trip to Honk Kong

The financial hub of Asia…

What does my trip to Hong Kong have to do with running a business?

Everything and nothing really, I am here because I can be for one thing … remember how I value my time and I work on my business and not in it. I am here soaking up how the locals go about their daily lives and how they do business in a very small landmass that has a population in excess of 7,000,000 people.

A quintessentially efficient Marketplace I would say…

As always with my posts there is a valuable insight for you guys, but before I get to that I want to share with you an experience I had a couple of days ago…

Location Lantau Island – Tung Chung

Objective – Cable Car ride 5.7 K long to The Big Buddha

I arrived at the cable car terminal in down town Tung Chung.  Mind you, there is nothing down town about Tung Chung.  It’s a bustling hub for cable car travel and it is the gateway to the Big Buddha.   If one isn’t petrified of heights the cable car ride is an uplifting experience to say the least.

The queue to catch the cable car was huge: you line up and are ushered 6 at a time into either a steel framed car with windows all round and a solid floor, or if you are very brave you can ride in one with a glass floor (not this little black duck), and feast your eyes on the amazing and contrasting panoramic views.  360 degrees of North Lantau Country Park, Tung Chung Bay, the Airport, and the Ngong Ping Plateau.  Now! When I say the views are spectacular, that is probably an understatement.

When you get closer to Ngong Ping Village situated on the plateau of Mount Muk Yue, the massive 25 metre high structure of the Tian Tan Buddha looms into view as a silhouette on the horizon.  I will get into this amazing structure soon, but first it is important to know the reason for its existence.

Centuries ago,at his passing, Buddha was missed so much by two kings in India, sculptures were made in his honour: fast forward to modern day Hong Kong, those original statues is what inspired the design and building of this incredible monument.

This Tian Tan Buddha Statue, also known as the Big Buddha, is the major hub for Hong Kong Buddhism and is near the Po Lin Monastery.

The very basic belief of the Buddhist religion promotes pureness of the mind, leading to an eventual release of self-absorption, an existence of enlightenment, fulfillment and inner peace.

And it is the Big Buddha statue, 12 years in the making, which represents the stability of Hong Kong/ China’s prosperity and peace on earth.  This huge bronze statue with its serene outward appearance and beauty is designed to give people spiritual comfort.   It is this belief of a purified mind which alleviates their worries so they can reach an inner state of peace that draws people to the statue and to the Buddhist belief.

This 25 meter high statue was constructed by fitting 202 individually cast bronze pieces onto a main frame of steel – apart from the Buddha’s face – which was cast in a single piece.  The pieces were principally assembled at the Nanjing Chengguang Machinery Plant of the China Astronautics Science and Technology Consultant Corporation.

Considering the statue was going to be totally exposed to the elements on the very top of a mountain, a scaled down 5 meter high model was tested in a wind tunnel at the Beijing Institute of Aerodynamics.  The pieces were then transported, erected onsite and carefully welded.  The length of the weld holding this immense work of art together is over 5 kilometers long.

And there it has sat, since 1989, when the last piece of bronze was fitted and hailed as the 10th Engineering Wonder of Hong Kong.  Now its immenseness is there for all humanity to see and enjoy.

A very interesting story of how a group of monks were so inspired by ancient traditions to achieve a mammoth task against all odds that is now one of the ten engineering masterstrokes of Hong Kong.

But that is not my insight for today…

Fast forward to 13th October 2013.

 I have completed the breath taking cable car ride up to Ngnong Ping Village and I am standing at the bottom of 268 steps.  Only 268 steps now separate me from this breath taking statue of Buddha and another perspective of Hong Kong.

Did I climb those last 268 stairs with an incline of 1 meter in every 3 meters (very steep in anyone’s language)?

That last hump to get over … of course I did, I made a concerted effort. Even if my calf muscles were straining and quivering by the time I arrived at the top. I figured, why spend my time and money to get as close as 268 steps away and quit, before I received my reward.

financial hub of asia

Getting up close and personal with the big Buddha is quite an experience.


And what a reward it was…

Being up close and personal with one of the biggest cast bronze statues of it’s kind in the world, with 360 degree views of the surrounding islands, temples and monastery.

A reward I may never have seen had I not climbed those last 268 very steep steps!

Seeing is believing and I really do pinch myself these days, as I think back a few short years ago when I used to work for someone else, with finite free time, finite money and finite thinking.

Yes! I remember, back in the days when my life wasn’t my own, I had to be where other people told me I had to be.

business and traveling

It’s a tough assignment but somebody’s got to do it…

And if they asked me to jump, I would say … how high today, sir.

Your take home point today is…

“Most people get right to the brink of making their business a true success and usually quit before the good stuff happens”

Do not be one of those people … go the extra mile.

Yours in future profits


Clancy of the Information Overflow

P.S. Remember to go the extra mile for you and your business, implement and prosper…