The Price Shopper

Price shoppers

Everyone loves a bargain. But at what price to a business owner?


I promised you I was going to spill the beans on some practices and here is one red hot one.

For the purposes of the exercise we will talk about a retail business “A”, selling a portable tablet device.

Now, as we all know, everyone wants top quality goods at rock bottom prices. 

Retail store “A”has several devices for sale in his store available of which one is on special.

The client sets out to look over the goods and selects the one that best suits his budget (the one on special), but he actually wants the top of the range model at his budget price.

This client figures he’s a pretty smart shopper and he actually wants the top of the range model he wants.

What happens next will astound you.


The Set Up


Having honed in on store “A”, he wanders into the store and has a chat to salesman 1 just before lunch, and haggles to get his best price.  He gets salesman 1 to write the best price on his business card and asks for an extra blank business card in case he loses one.


Are you with me so far guys?


Then the client leaves the store saying he wants to check around a bit for prices and says he will be back.  But what he actually does is loiter around near the store watching.


The Sting


What happens next is so simply done it will amaze you.


The client waits until around lunchtime and walks back into the store and checks to see if salesman 1 is still around (when he knows full well he saw his step out a few minutes earlier).

Of course when it is confirmed that salesman 1 has stepped out, the client then produces a business card with salesman ones name on it and a price.

The client then says to salesman 2.  “I am in a hurry, Salesman 1 said earlier I could have this device at this price.”  And show him the business card.

And, you guessed it,  he shows him a card with a lower price written on it than salesman 1 actually wrote.

Salesman 2 sees the price written on salesman 1 business card and thinks, well… if he has written it on his card, it will be OK.

Now, nine times out of ten, salesman 2 will conclude the sale at the lower price without question.


How is that for good old sleight of hand?


And it happens more times than a business owner cares to imagine.

Yours in future profits


Clancy of the Information Overflow

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