The Wiley Old Dog

old dog

“Every business owner needs a Wiley old dog in their corner”

Business can be challenging and yet exhilarating all at the same time. And when you embark on a start-up business … it can get super exciting and a little overwhelming too. You invariably will have a lot happening, so you can get up and running to trade your goods and services to your customers. You will need to expand your skills quickly, employ the right people and grow your business out all at the same time as you contribute to your community.

Before you even think about how you are going to take your goods and services to market.

So what does this all have to do with Bulldogs?

A great question…

Please let me explain. You might remember, my first profitable business adventure started (with a little help from my dad) when I was a boy of 8. Over time I was also known in industry as the “turn around guy”. And, as an engineer, problem solving was (and it still is) my forte.

Enter the bulldog.

You see, I know that Bulldogs are a tenacious breed. They latch onto something and don’t let go. Their jaws are so powerful it can be neigh impossible to prize them apart when they’ve grabbed their quarry. Not that you’d want to do that of course. These dogs were purpose bred to gain an unfair advantage over whatever it is they are holding in their jaws.

Now, however distasteful it might seem, these dogs were used for bull baiting.

A blood “sport” in England where they were set onto a tethered bull with the aim of grabbing the bull’s nose and pinning it to the ground. However, these days bulldogs are seen as kind, courageous and dignified. In fact they are very popular in the Americas as family pets.

I want you to step back in time and image this…

The year is 1821 and there is a crowd of men milling around a large bull tethered by a collar to an iron stake in the middle of the village livestock sale-yard. The anticipation is building. All the bets have been laid and then … a number of bull dogs are released or sometimes, just one at a time.

The crowd roars as the dogs approach the hapless beast, with the sole intention of pining his nose to the ground. One by one the dogs are taken down by the bull. Either by its head or the bull’s horns. But the bulldog is purpose bred for this sport so there was less likelihood of their backs being broken when they are violently shaken by the bull.

So the story goes…

One Wiley, intelligent bitch with one eye watches, she waits and focuses on one thing. Her sole objective is pinning the bull’s nose to the ground. This dog flattens herself and circles the bull, waiting her opportunity to strike. She only has three useful legs so she does not have the agility of a younger dog.

This dog is a true professional. She’s done this before many times and knows the game and, once she’s grabbed the bull’s nose, she hangs on until the bull submits or she is called off by her master. If she is called off, then she carefully retreats, growling and barking a warning to the wary bull as she goes … game over.

Enter the new age Business Bulldog

He is a wily old campaigner, with many successes under his collar, and when he focuses on what needs to be done in any business. He gets his teeth into it and doesn’t let go until the task is complete.

The take home point is, there is only one dog intelligent enough and courageous enough to battle the bull. To pin his nose to the ground and hold it.


Being in business for over 55years gives this old dog has a distinct advantage over younger, inexperienced players. Having been in industry, and built multiples of businesses of his own, both offline and online, this old dog has the tenacity to analyze a situation, make a decision and take remedial action to see projects through without letting go.

How does this help you?

You can visit and re-visit business bulldog regularly and keep up to date with his latest ideas, issues and strategies for your business. And it is designed to ground your business long enough for you to be profitable before you give up too soon.

The reality is … you will need a bulldog in your corner at some point.

So visit the Wiley Old Dog frequently. Of course, feel free to Contact Us with any genuine queries or comments you may have.

Because, this old dog knows you will want to be the leader not a follower in your chosen market.

Yours in future profits

Clancy of the Information Overflow
P.S. Of course I am always here if you want my help…