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Being a thought-leader in your niche … and generate 2 X the response from your marketing efforts … at half the cost … by crafting, and giving away, valuable FREE content to your customers.

Dear Friend,

More and more businesses are marketing with free content offers these days. And most of this free content is presented in writing.

And for very good reasons:

1. Writing and publishing free content is exceptionally quick and easy to produce and this way, will establish your authority in your industry.

2. Business prospects today are hungry for useful content and they will proactively look for information before making purchasing decisions. Australian corporates invested $29 billion on content in 2011 and 69% of companies are planning to increase their investment on content creation this year.

3. Giving away information through publishing documents is one sure-fire way to build your list of prospects as this will create goodwill and more importantly loyalty in your current and future customers.

4. Why? Because business people view content as education which is value adding to their business.

5. This in turn gives the business owner the confidence to actually want to help their customers solve their most important problems.

There are many ways to write compelling content

One marketing strategy worth considering is info-marketing or “information marketing”. And it can be incredibly frustrating when your message becomes lost in the words. The result being thousands of whitepapers are thrown in the bin without a second thought.

The reason is not because free content is difficult to write, it is because business owners simply do not know how, or are not experienced enough, to create strategic content that successfully sells their products or services.
However writing well to influence people to buy from you is an art form. But, the good news is, this is where you can learn to write so logically and so succinctly, the writing sounds like it is coming directly from you. This way you can create strategic offers that supports your business marketing objectives.

In my exclusive and unique take home pack, I impart how to create your own information marketing revolution with your free content offers to increase your ROI.

Now, an incredibly powerful learning experience is available to you in a professionally produced program. This easily digested pack includes a quick start guide, a blue print, and an interactive work book which you can go through in the comfort of your own home.

So crafting winning info-marketing campaigns – once very challenging for most, is now made easy.
In Content is King, you will receive systems and processes genuinely designed so your writing makes you money.
Systems and process I’ve used to make millions of dollars for the industries I worked in for over a quarter of a century.
And I can show you:

• Why you should create an “attraction piece” so you can get more business leads

• How to make your information stand out from the thousands of pieces that are continuously published and never read.

• How the law of reciprocity makes your customers feel obliged to pay attention to your business and choose you over everyone else.

• Why the art of writing allows you to create another medium for small businesses to stand out in an already cluttered marketplace.

• This way your customers look at what you are offering and not your competitors … and all without making an overt sales pitch.

• How to engage people in a way they’ll love so they will want to know more about how they can buy your product or services.

• What to focus on so you can repeat the process over and over to value add to your business.

• A simple formula to start writing articles, how to get started and reach a logical conclusion quickly and easily.

• How my journey got started and how you too can move beyond your fears into a more profitable and rewarding business.

• Discover the most powerful weapon of mass education in my online journey since 2009 and why mentors are a very important part of the business process.

• Find the most important part of your business puzzle and learn the best way to keep customers coming back to your business.

• The secret to a savvy business and what sales medium is the first port of call in the 21st Century.

• How to create a level playing field for your business so you can thrive alongside other businesses in any economy.

• Learn the importance of one basic tool to make money in your business so, once you understand this process you can add another piece to your money making jigsaw.

• How to write effectively so you can create compelling content to impress your clients while increasing your sales.

• Why writing for the Internet is a very different kind of writing and when you know how to use this medium effectively, it becomes a very efficient method to attract people to your business.

• Business owners can then create simple content to connect with their clients to achieve their business objectives.

• The secret to increased sales in any business is to be able to tell people about your business succinctly, quickly and easily. This way you can clearly impart your business message to the right people in the right market.

• Everything in a business must have a firm foundation to build on, this is also true for the foundation to your writing career. Once you master this skill you can confidently market to customers, other businesses or professionals to attract more business to you.

• Although this is the age of the Internet and modern digital technology, writing skills remain important for your business. Without the power of the written word, you will find it difficult to market your business solutions to others clearly.

• People buy from people, and while everyone is different in business, the better you can communicate with your clients, the more you will sell.

• The modern day customers are very savvy but in a different way. So when you connect with them through writing you should reach out to them on their level so they will understand what you are saying.

• Discover how this skill is just the beginning to a very lucrative business building model with money making opportunities right at your fingertips…

By developing essential writing skills you will be able to sell well through your writing. This way people will “hear” what you say.

But that’s not all…

When you order Content is King you will receive a DVD – My Writing Makes Me Money – (a $97 value) absolutely FREE.

And in your FREE bonus DVD, you’ll learn:

• Why writing makes you money and how to exploit this life skill to your advantage.

The 5-step writing sequence – a proven formula for effective and persuasive writing.

• How every piece of communication comes back to the written word.

• Appealing to your clients and why the written word is essential … the answer may surprise you.

• What you can expect from Content is King and so much more…

Plus, another $100 free gift for you

Also when you order you’ll receive another FREE GIFT – our Quick Start Guide Which contains The Secret to Well Written Articles.

This is a three step process on Content is King including The Anatomy of an Article that allows you to start to fast track the process to writing that sells for you and your business.

In Content is King, you’ll discover:

• How to impress your customers with your expertise by effectively engaging them immediately and avoid common mistakes when preparing content (page 1).

• The fastest and most effective way to reach your clients quickly and easily and how to open up a whole new world of possibilities for your business (see page 2).

• 3 ways to double your response rates with effective content that communicates (on page 3).

• The importance of being yourself and how to get the right help when you need it the most (see page 5).

• The 7 step sequence to writing a sound article – a proven formula for effective writing (go to page 6).

• How to start the selling process using a practical approach in your articles (on page 7).

• #1 thing you must do before you write one word, saving yourself many frustrating hours of wasted time and effort. Go to page 9.

• The nine steps to effective writing. By reaching out to your client without sounding hype. And, how you can convince your customers of the features of your product and how it can benefit them (page 10).

• Appealing to the everyday person (everyday language toolbox) and why keeping writing simple works best (page 11)

• One simple strategy that lets people get to know, like and trust you through your materials so they will buy from you (page 12).

• What you should focus on in your writing. How to construct an article from the ground up to make it a readable, informative and interesting piece that will add genuine value to your clients (page 13).

• Proven techniques for writing clear, engaging content in a 4 step process that produces a crisp, clean article (pages 15 to 17).

• How to write a FREE report quickly and easily to get you started (see page 18).

• The right ingredients of a good article so your website will get FREE targeted traffic (page 20).

• One scientifically proven simple exercise to identify why we rely on our experiences to communicate with others and how you can use this to your advantage (go to page 22).

• Compelling your prospect to respond by revealing your “humanness” to the world (see page 23).

• How to attract people to you and your business effectively and keep them coming back as valuable, good paying clients (on page 25).

• One big secret seasoned marketers don’t want you to know and how you can use specific words to give your writing crystal clear clarity (on page 27).

• Why honesty is the best policy and how to write ethically for your business (go to page 29).

• How to sell your products with peace of mind. You’ll find these easy to follow instructions (on pages 30 to 32).

• What writing works and what doesn’t. See why so you can recognise good writing designed specifically for the Internet (page 33).

• See why some websites experience Google slaps and how to avoid them on your website (on page 39).

• Tips to avoid downright ugly content. Proof of why something like this should never make it onto your business site (page 43).

• #1 must do thing to create a compelling headline to entice your reader to go deeper into your website (see page 46).

• Mastering the headline dilemma. Plus: what to do when hit with sudden flashes of inspiration (go to page 47).

• Know how to communicate the right marketing message to your customers, clients or patients (on page 49).

• A 5-step process to keep your article on track and be read from headline to post script by readers who visit your site and why you need to keep your reader engaged (see page 50).

• The importance of original articles and why anything else can result your website being penalised by search engines (on page 51).

• A simple equation for doubly ensuring your articles do not lead you into the search engines sandboxes. This way your website remains visible and fully functioning (go to page 52).

• How articles work to communicate with potential customers and add credibility to your business. Including 5 ways to create even more powerful content and revel in its uniqueness on page 54.

• 20 compelling reasons to keep your website original and unique (page 57).

• The # 1 tool to use on the Internet and how to leverage it to your advantage (on page 59 to 60).

• 9 powerful techniques for boosting your messages effectiveness and what works best in written communications (on page 62).

• Secret weapons you should know about to keep your messages flowing so they make perfect sense and keep people reading right to the very last word (see page 65).

• How to make your message perfectly clear by identifying what it is you are saying in order to give credibility to you and your business (see page 66).

• And much, much more…

And I will even hold your hand with:

1 x Article Review with Clancy … to activate your coupon please email Clancy at Clancy@ThePaulMaskell.com And to get the most out of your review immerse yourself in the pack first, jot down some notes, and get ready to move your business forward.

Conservative value is over $1,000

3 Months Email Q & A … this way you’ll never feel as if you’ve been left on your own. When you have a question regarding anything in “Content is King”, send it to me and have your questions answered. It’s that simple.
Conservative value is over $3,500.

1 x 30 minute telephone consultation with Clancy to guide you through a process opening up even more opportunities for you (you have 90 days to redeem this call).

This is a genuine $750 value.

As you can see, these bonuses will save you not only thousands of dollars but years of expensive experience. This way you will be starting to implement immediately and with confidence, rather than trying to piece the puzzle together alone and not feeling sure if you are on the right track.

If you are a business owner or industry advisor, and you are not using FREE content offers with the power of the written word, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice.

As a business owner you’ll find that writing well is an extremely lucrative skill as you can then effectively position you, and your business, as the leaders in your industry.

As you become more comfortable with the writing process, you’ll see your articles, e-mail, website and marketing efforts soar.

In fact, and speaking from experience, being able to write well easily doubles the leads, orders and the sales you will generate.


When you are interested in knowing more about this and how it can kick start your business …

I urge you to hurry. This discounted offer won’t last forever.

And may never be repeated again.

Yours in future profits

Clancy of the Information Overflow
P.S. I did not develop this Content is King Instrument in a hurried afternoon just to make money. These strategies started over 44 years ago as an engineer and CEO creating white papers in multinational corporations. I created this over these many years and recently through sheer frustration because writers in the entrepreneurial industry would talk in riddles or what was even worse, they didn’t deliver on their promises to teach me writing specifically for this industry.
P.P.S. Remember, you will receive our Bonus Quick Start Guide, DVD and I’ll even hold your hand absolutely FREE.
P.P.P.S. Best of all, we will be able to cover off on what other opportunities there are waiting for you with Content is King on the 30 minute Skype call throughout your journey…