What Others Are Saying


Paul has an exceptional ability to quickly assess your business…

and see where the leakage is.  He then has the wisdom and knowledge to guide you to transform your business.  I was struggling with how to price my training program and Paul’s advice was exactly what I needed.  Thank you Paul for helping me get clarity and the steps to take action.

Julie L – International Authentic Medical Intuitive


Clancy is a rare find

With few words, he has the ability to inspire you like a great coach does. His refusal to sugar coat the harsh reality of my situation worked wonders on me. Using Clancy’s frank advice, I took my business to the next level. If you are looking for a mentor that will show you how to build your own thriving business empire, then Clancy is your man.

Ben R – Copywriter and Marketing Consultant


Life is really exciting

When I first started out with Clancy I had been fiddling around at the edges with an online business, but did not have a plan, a product or a business model to follow. In fact, I didn’t have much direction at all.

Life is now really exciting for me!

Thanks to Clancy I have established the beginnings of my information product business and feel I have clarity, direction and purpose. And can see a profitable future.

Clancy has helped me develop my own niche products and bring them to the market place. With sound plans to bring successive products to market as well.

I now have a vision, where I can live life how I want … and not how a boss wants me to.

I highly recommend Clancy’s One on One Mentoring. It doesn’t matter whether you have an established business or an entrepreneur.

Or even if your offline business has not gone online, just Clancy a try. He has the ability to draw out of people talents they never thought they had. The results will astound you.

Shane S – Australia

The course work is just awesome!

We have been enjoying the emails you have been sending out. The course work is just awesome! It lays out so many things we need to change in our business.

We have read the file through a couple of times. We have read it, re-read it with highlighter and then read it again and written notes in the file. We are now going over it again and typing it up with action points.

Very clear and to the point.

We obviously have a fair bit to implement over the coming weeks, but we are looking forward to taking the steps and securing and streamlining our business. Also as a side note … how awesome is section 3!

Thanks again

Ben and Aaron J – Australia