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integrity and behavioural standards

Associate yourself with honest and ethical people. Folks with integrity.

This is where I am going to post some of the rude and irritating tricks that some clients or customers use to try you on for size. What’s Not Hot will be similar in nature to it’s sister page.

What’s Hot: The posts will be dynamic in nature so we can build up a series of working documents that will serve you well over time, and, you may even find out how to turn the tables on these unscrupulous clients/businesses.

But before I get ahead of myself…

I want to talk about the meaning of…

Ethical behavior :

It comes down to the individual or the organization. But essentially it means a person/business is honest, has integrity and some standards to the way they treat people and conduct business. Essentially their own version of The Ten Commandments.

But wait…

Let me tell you a story about human emotions

Have you ever had someone say “Gee you are lucky to own this or that or to own your business or drive a nice car or own two houses”?

Don’t you just love them?

 Obviously they have no concept of how hard you have worked to own that stuff, or what you and or your family went without to get where you needed to go in your business or personal life.

In most cases…

There is no luck involved… just hard work and sacrifice along the way

It’s an interesting observation that I made a long time ago about this category of people: It is clear to me their thinking is clouded by the all too human emotion, jealousy on their part, and to make you feel guilty.


And their self-centered view, that is, if someone has more money or stuff than they do, it automatically follows that they are entitled to a slice of it in one way or another (the age of entitlement).


Fact is…

It’s tough enough being in life/business at times without clients/business owners deliberately trying to gain an advantage over you by using deceptive behavioral practices, especially when they know full well what they are doing.

No one likes to feel like they have been taken advantage of, and it’s just not Kosher for anyone to do that to another person, be they a business owner or not.


Up until now…

Most people/business owners have not even been aware that that these tactics have been used against them on a daily basis.

Did you know these practices are rife and happening right under your nose every day?


I would be surprised if many of you knew until now…


Now you have the heads up… you won’t fall victim to them, will you?


But there is a solution…

For the business owner:

I am going to reveal some of the tactics and tricks these people use to subtly and effectively rip you, the business owner off.

Once you are aware that it is happening and how they are doing it, it will be much easier for you to recognize it when you hear and see it.


For the Client/Customer:

This section of the website can be used by customers and clients too.

Because when the shoe is on the other foot it is also not Kosher for any entrepreneur/business owner to use the same deceptive behavioral tactics on you either just to get a sale over the line.


In my experience most people are pretty honest, but only when they are obliged to be.

It can be like putting a padlock on a gate, it will only keep honest people honest. It will never stop someone intent on breaking in.


But. None the less you should realize that it does go on and you as a client/customer need to be aware that it can affect you if you can’t recognize it when you see and hear it.

There are two schools of thought on these tactics.

There is the ethical use of behavioral tactics, such as bargaining or haggling from either party’s side


There is the unethical use of straight out manipulating a client/business owner into agreeing to something they normally would not do in the course of a purchase/sale of goods or services.

In good old fashioned Aussie lingo when it happens…

It’s called a Con Job.

More on that in my next post on What’s Not Hot … that will shock you to the core.

Yours in future profits


Clancy of the information overflow

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P.P.S. Be aware of people’s business values and what motivates them, the truth might be truly shocking to you.

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