Where to Start in the Internet Marketing World

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Internet marketing webpreneur Paul (Clancy of the Information Overflow) in Paris.


Internet Marketing Basics

This can be a vexed question for most newbie’s to the Internet, especially if your aim is to make money online as soon as you can.

So I will answer it as clearly as I can in my best Webpreneur’s way.

I will put it in a manner that most of us have heard many, many times, over a lot of years, but most of us really haven’t taken a whole lot of notice of. And that is.

At the beginning! Think about it in terms of a ladder you are going to use to climb upon one’s roof. Which rung do you start on?

The bottom rung first, of course. Right!

If you are as smart as I know you all are, that is exactly where you will start.

If you are looking for that Bright Shiny Object, that is the next big thing out there that will make you a million bucks overnight…

Forget it!

Now I know that’s not exactly what you wanted to hear from someone such as me being a Dead Set Legend at this stuff ( I have the trophy, the lifestyle and the income to prove it).

Like any business or structure you need to build a firm foundation of knowledge before you throw time, money and a great deal of effort at the Internet in the hope that money will miraculously appear in your bank account overnight.

Or you will be like so many others before you and fall by the wayside before the magic does happen.

‘Cos here’s the heads up!’ 

There are plenty of people out there that will put a whole raft of BSO’S and get rich quick programs in front of you time and again until they have maxed out your credit card.

And to be honest some of those programs may work very well for you.

If only you had the knowledge to apply them.

It is like any industry, you need to learn the ropes first, so to speak.

Now. If you think I am gonna spill the beans on any of these programs, well! No I am not.

But! What I am going to do is to try to steer you in what I believe to be the right direction so you get the maximum out of any program you may buy.

There is a veritable semi trailer load of stuff out there on the net and at seminars, that would take you a lifetime to sort through let alone select the right one for your journey.

This where my blog comes.

I am going to walk you down the very path I took to get where I am today.

Right from the very beginning.

I am going to share my highlights, my wants, needs, fears and frustrations, my failures, my successes, my disappointments and my ultimate outcomes to date. What I am going to share with you my readers will be a warts and all conversation.

I would probably be right in saying that you have heard all of the hype about…

Secrets never revealed…

Little known truth about…

10 top ways to earn a million dollars…

Earn a passive income online forever working 2 hours a week…

And the list goes on and on in adnorsium!!

The real truth is. Well! They are not exactly telling lies (cos most of them do just what they say), but neither are they telling the whole story.

I have found most Internet Entrepreneurs usually have a firm foundation for their story about their journey and how they achieved success online.

What you need to figure out is how to join the dots in between the start of the journey and what they intend to teach you.

In other words, the information most of them are going to teach you is going to be very valuable in the right hands. You just need to be the person with the right hands ready to apply it.

Foundations for future success depend on you alone

 So here’s my deal to you! Right from my soul.

My aim is to give you relevant information about online business’s and building long term assets that will sustain you and your family into the future.

I will not sugar coat anything, and I have quite a portfolio of articles on many subjects you will find fascinating that I want to post for you, but I will need your help.

Yes. Your help! I want you to bring to my attention anything you think is relevant in this industry. I will try my best to fulfill any requests in a timely manner for you all


 Here’s what I want from you my valued readers

A loyal following would be nice (and valuable over time).

Respect for others opinions.

I want honest comments.

Constructive feedback.

No bagging anyone on my blog.

If you have something to complain about tell me not a friend.

If you like what you read feel free to refer my blog to others.

I will be happy to post guest articles that are relevant to our mission (subject to my approval of course).

Now that my first post is done, watch this space for the next one. It is going to be an absolute cracker!

“How to build a firm foundation to an internet business

I mean really guys this article is a no brainer given what I have just written about

I mean… I am going to dive right in here and it’s for FREE!

Until next time



Clancy of the Information Overflow…

Or Webpreneur Paul

P.S. See what others are saying about building a firm foundation for your business…